infrared transparent window IR windows

infrared transparent window IR windows

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Infrared windows are optical windows that working in infrared spectrum. An infrared window can provide protection to infrared lens and system with very low energy absorption.

Most infrared materials can be used to make infrared window, including germanium, silicon, zinc sulfide (ZnS), calcium fluoride (CaF2), zinc selenide (ZnSe), sapphire, etc. Germanium is the most common one. It features high transmission rate over the infrared spectrum, easy to fabricate, high hardness and density and acceptable cost. Silicon is also very popular because of its hardness, low density and cheap price.

infrared transparent window IR windows (3)

Large Germanium Infrared Window (Dimensions: 275×157×15mm)

Wavelength Infrared has the ability to fabricate all the listed materials, thus can meet the needs for different infrared application. Beside the different types of materials, Wavelength Infrared can manufacture infrared window in variety shapes: round, rectangle or polygon; flat, wedged or even dome sharped; with chamfer, with side step, or with through holes. No matter what shape of infrared window you need, we can provide products to meet your requirements.

Standard 3-5 micron or 8-12 micron AR or DLC coating can be applied on the infrared windows. We can also provide customized coating to meet your needs. Hydrophobic coating is also available.


Wavelength infrared provides infrared windows in popular sizes from 10mm to 200 mm in diameter. Window size over 200mm could also be provided. Surface power 3 fringes , surface flatness λ/4 @ 632.8nm per inch, parallelism 1 arc-minute.

Material Ge,Si,ZnS,CaF2,ZnSe, Sapphire
Dimensions 10mm-300mm
Shape Round, Rectangle, Polygon, etc
parallelism <1 arc-min
Surface figure <λ/4 @ 632.8nm (Spherical surface)
Surface Quality 40-20
Clear Aperture >90%
Coating AR,DLC


1.DLC/AR or HD/AR coatings are available upon request.

2.Customization available for this product to suit your technical requirements. Let us know your required specifications.

infrared transparent window IR windows (2)

AR coating

infrared transparent window IR windows (4)

 Black DLC coating

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