532nm beam expander

 532nm beam expander BEX-532-10X 


  • Model Number: BEX-532-10X
  • Wavelength: 532nm
  • Magnification: 10X
  • Optical principle: Galilei
  • Clear input aperture: 8mm
  • Clear output aperture: 24mm
  • Max input beam Dia: 2mm
  • Total transmission: 96%
  • Lens material: JGS1
  • Pointing stability: <1mard
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    Ronar-Smith® Laser Beam Expanders demand the highest quality in beam broadening and collimation without compromising on the expanded beam quality. We value safety as much as we do and you can be assured that all our beam expanders are subjected to rigorous testing prior to market sales. All our beam expanders are telescopic by nature and require a collimated beam input while delivering an expanded collimated beam at the output.

    *G type : Galilean design without internal focus
    426 bex

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